Connor Honey Off-Season Q&A

Connor Honey played in 46 games last season after joining the team in December. He had 10 goals and 11 assists for 21 points. Connor took the time away from his busy summer to sit down with the Thunderbirds and answer a few questions.

Seattle Thunderbirds: First off how is your summer going? What have you been up to?

Connor Honey: It has been a very productive summer. I have been keeping busy with workouts every day and spending quality time with my friends and family. Although summer has been good so far I’m very excited to make my return to Seattle! 

ST: Have you gotten on the ice at all this summer? I’ve heard that you might have taken a puck to the mouth during summer training, is this true? What happened? 

CH: I have been getting on the ice at least once a week with Vimy Ridge Academy as well as a private skating coach. Regrettably I did take a puck to the face knocking out my front two teeth, giving me a face only a mother could love. While on ice for training a stray pass deflected off the shaft of my stick right into my Chiclets. 

ST: What is your summer training schedule? Are you doing both on and off-ice training?

CH: I’m currently working out 5 days a week as well as 1-2 on ice sessions 

ST: You joined the T-Birds in December last season. What was the decision making process you went through to determine that the WHL was the right path for your hockey development?

CH: The style of play as well as the development process compared to the WHL is completely different. After a couple of months in Green Bay I realized the USHL wasn’t the best path for me, although still a very prominent league, everyone is different and the Western Hockey League fit with how I play. 

ST: What did you think of your performance in your first season in the WHL?

CH: Well obviously there is always a need for improvement, I felt that after my first 15 odd games I had adjusted to the WHL and was getting better every time I stepped on the ice. There are always ups and downs in a season and you can’t get away from those but as far as first seasons go I’d say it was decent. I’m itching to get back on the ice full time and do my best in helping the Thunderbirds succeed this season. 

ST: You will be entering your second season in the WHL in 2012-13. Do you have any goals, either personally or for the team, for this coming season?

CH: I want to do my best to contribute with my physical presence as well as my offensive ability and most importantly be great defensively. It is my goal to do whatever it takes to go deep into playoffs and make the Seattle Thunderbirds a winning organization.

 ST: As the season progressed you were on a line where you played right wing with Brendan Rouse at center and Branden Troock on left wing.  Did you feel that you three started to develop some chemistry and were getting solid scoring chances? 

CH: Yes, as we started to feel each other out and understand how we all played together we started developing chemistry. We started finding each other more and more, and started to produce scoring opportunities. It has been an honor playing with Brandon Troock. He is a great player and a great friend. I am really excited to be back with him and Rouser.

ST: Are you anticipating that you three could be a line this coming season? 

CH: Yes, I hope so!

ST: Your twin brother, Curtis, is a goalie with Brandon. Have you two talked at all about possibly facing each other on November 6 when the T-Birds visit the Wheat Kings? Any thoughts on what that might be like?

CH: Yes, it is a constant source of banter in our house. My family has been talking about that particular date for a while. I will have a lot of family members in attendance.  Hopefully I will have the opportunity to put some pucks behind him. 

ST: Have you ever faced Curtis previously in a game? Or were you always on the same team in minor hockey?

CH: No, we have always been on the same team for as long as I can remember 

ST: There are three guys on the team from Edmonton, you, Riley Sheen and Branden Troock. Did you play with or against either of these guys during your minor hockey day?

CH: I attended school with Riley and am really looking forward to seeing him in a T-Bird uniform. Our paths have crossed lots of times in the minor hockey leagues in Edmonton. As for Troock and I we have played together in summer hockey and constantly played against him in the winter. Brandon is a great teammate and roommate. I couldn’t ask for much more. 

ST: Now for something a bit different. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the following five things?

Spider – Connor: Man 

Eskimos – Connor: Edmonton 

Wayne – Connor: Gretzky

Breakaway – Connor: backhand cheese

Lamp – Connor: heat 

ST: Thanks for your time and we look forward to seeing you at training camp?

CH:  Anytime, thank you

Seattle Thunderbirds Public & Media Relations Intern Matt Freeman conducted the Q&A with Connor Honey. The team will be posting Q&A’s during the off-season with returning T-Birds players. 

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